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Xtreme Wildland Inc. is a family owned business based out of the Pacific Northwest. We take pride in being a growing company with a focus on forest fire fighting and urban interface fire fighting. Our company was born out of a love for nature and wilderness settings. As children both of the owners spent alot of their time in the forests of the west coast. Many fond memories are stored up from countless adventures in the "wild." It is with these memories in mind that we have committed ourselves to the protection of the stately trees and beautiful mountain sides that are so prevalent in our area and across the nation. Xtreme Wildland Inc. is a fire suppression company that contracts with local and federal agencies to protect our forest from the devastation of wild land fires.

We have further expanded our line of work to help equip and train private land owners to aide them in the effort to protect that which they have worked so hard to procure. We find it frustrating that many citizens are unaware of the dangers that forest fires can bring to privately owned land and structures and how limited municipal fire departments can be when it comes to rural areas. Furthermore we would love the opportunity to help educate them on the options available and how to prepare their home sites for optimal safety in the event of a wildfire incident. Thank your for the interest you have shown in our company, and we hope to hear from you soon!

Mission Statement:

  1. Xtreme Wildland Inc. wishes to support the forests and wild land areas of our country through our diligent responses to wild fire incidents and the expertise we have in the suppression of these types of events.
  2. Xtreme Wildland Inc. pledges to maintain a powerful work ethic that includes strong moral values in all that we do.
  3. Xtreme Wildland Inc. will look for opportunities to educate the public in the dangers of wild fire and encourage the prevention of such disasters through that education process.


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